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Supplier: AeroCool
Price: $154.99 from newegg.comReviewed: Jun 10, 2008

HorsePower 750w PSU
Author: faceless105 -- Posted: 2008-06-10
One area that's becoming more and more important on a regular daily basis is power. Not just are systems becoming more and more demanding on both the quantity, but they're also requiring better stability. Five years ago people could still get away with a 300w PSU, now it's getting hard to find something like that even in a prebuilt PC. This is why today we're happy to be reviewing the 750w HorsePower PSU by AeroCool.

Out of the box, the HorsePower PSU can boast a number of great features. The first one worth mentioning is the four 12v rails. This makes the HorsePower and ideal candidate for anyone looking to do an SLi setup. In addition to this, it'll be ready for next generation SLi with the 6+2 SLi power plugs. It even boasts power protection from over current, over voltage and short-circuits protection, and to top that off, it offers up 80+ power efficiency.

* cables in the nice cable pouch

1x - ATX 20+4 motherboard connector
2x - 6+2 PCI Express Connector
1x - 8/4 Pin CPU Connector
8x - 4 Pin Molex Connector
8x - SATA Connector
2x - FDD Connector

Now one of the most obvious features is the fact that this PSU is modular. This is becoming rapidly common today and it's no surprise why. Modular setups allow you to use only the cables you need to use. This reduces the regular tangle of cables making it easier to work inside the case, giving everything a cleaner look and improving air flow. If you're ever between two PSUs where one is modular and one isn't, definitely go with the modular one, you're really come to appreciate it.

Now it's for the first hand experience. Installation is very standard, four screws in the back. For the cables, I'd recommend starting with the farthest modular plug on the back of the PSU. The PSU runs just about silent. This is achievable by the 140mm fan on top of the PSU. Having such a large fan allows for higher levels of airflow without upping the volume since it won't need to spin as much to push so much air.

While operating the PSU, we didn't see any spikes in heat. We put the PSU in a fairly modern PC and tried upping the usage as high as we could through gaming and FOLDING@HOME and it only went higher than a few degrees above the case temperature.

While we don't have any of the extremely high-end testing equipment, we did back plug the connections with a multi-meter to assure they were running stable and within acceptable limits. It wasn't any surprise that all the plugs we checked were running stable, and well within acceptable ranges.

The other really cool thing to note is how the PSU lights up. The case we put this into happened to have a steel mesh bottom for better ventilation, so this really increased the cool factor of it all, giving a very nice glow coming from underneath and behind the case.

I'd like to thank AeroCool for the opportunity to review the HorsePower PSU. As always they have some excellent products. We didn't have any problems with heat or noise. We're also pretty impressed with the looks of this PSU; the cables are sleeved, the modular connections do add a bit of a cool factor, and the lighting was excellent. I'd recommend the HorsePower PSU to anyone looking to get a new PSU.

If anyone has any comments or questions, I'd love to hear them!!

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