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Supplier: Mitron
Price: unknownReviewed: Jun 3, 2008

Digital Temperature Meter from Mitron
Author: faceless105 -- Posted: 2008-06-03
One repeating trend we've talked about before is the importance of cooling your computer. Once you feel you've been able to do that you should definitely start monitoring the efficiency of your cooling. Today we have a very cool temperature monitor to review, the TTR-M4-B by Mitron.

The TTR-M4-B is a temperature LCD that has blue backlighting. The thermometer measures approximately 2" x 1". This type of thermometer is ideal for modders and DIYers because it is designed to be surface mounted, so you'll have to cut your own mounting hole. Once done, it easily snaps into place.

The thermometer runs off your computers power so you won't have to worry about changing batteries ever. Once powered up, this unit has a bright blue backlighting (this also comes in a red backlit model) and displays the temperature in Celsius.

Once you have it prepared, all that is left is positioning the probe. The probe is a thin strip that can easily be taped to any surface of stuck into any heat-sink. With that said I'd also like to give a quick warning to never place any heat probe between a CPU and heat-sink. This creates uneven cooling and can be bad for the CPU. If you're interested in taking this temperature it is best to stick the probe to the side of the heat-sink as this will still give you a very close reading.

* The temperature variance you see above is due to handling the temperature probes before taking the picture

I also wanted to run a quick comparison to test the accuracy of the thermometer. To do this I taped a thermal probe down to the surface of the table I was working from. Next I brought out my infrared temperature gun. Now these are very different in design, but since they're both taking surface temperatures in this case, it shouldn't be a problem at all.... Just as you'd suspect, the two temperature devices read the same temperature.

Thermometers are incredibly convenient since they offer real time independent monitoring of your system. I'd like to thank Mitron for the opportunity to review their Thermometers. I'm pretty impressed with them. The brightness is great and they seem to work excellent as well. If anyone is looking for a nice DIY thermometer I'd recommend these ones.

If anyone one has any comments or questions, I'd love to hear them :)
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