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Supplier: Ideazon
Price: $49.99 from newegg.comReviewed: Jun 3, 2008

Banshee Gaming Headset
Author: faceless105 -- Posted: 2008-06-03
Anyone who's an avid gamer can tell you that audio quality is a big deal. Really anyone regardless of profession will say the exact same thing, after all, who'd want to buy something that isn't up to par? Today we'll be reviewing the Banshee Gaming Headset by Ideazon and giving you a chance to get a first hand feel for them.

Right out of the box I have to admit, this is one of the cooler looking headsets that I'd reviewed so far. Everything has a gun metal gray look to it. The ear cups have some great padding, and the material making up the outside of the ear cups is a very fin steel mesh which looks great. In addition to the headphones, they come with a mic that clips onto your shirt. This is convenient if you're not a fan of the big mics that hang off the side of the headset.

The first thing I've come to appreciate about this headset is the cord length. While testing these I wore them both at work and at home and I understand how the location of your computer isn't always convenient. The cord for both the headset and the mic reaches a very comfortable 9.8 ft (or 3 meters). Next are the ear cups; the padding is lined with velour, which may sound a little uncommon, but it was actually really comfortable.

To test the Banshee Headset I used them all day. The first test was looking at the typical sound quality. Listening to music, everything sounded great. I never heard any static through out the tests or any other sort of distortion. Since I started my tests at work I couldn't jump into any gaming so it came down to comfort. After an eight hour day (split up with a half hour lunch in the middle), I didn't feel any discomfort (which is pretty impressive). Some of the headsets I review press your ears uncomfortably and they'll get more uncomfortable the longer you wear them, but this wasn't an issue.

Now once that endurance test was done it was time for some good old fashioned gaming. The Banshee Headset handled sounds like explosions great, and you could hear other teammate's voices very clearly. While playing, I asked the rest of the team how my mic quality was and I got nothing but positive feedback from everyone.

Overall I'm pretty impressed with the Banshee Headset. It looks great, feels comfortable, and has exceptional performance. I'd like to thank Ideazon for giving me the opportunity to review their Banshee Gaming Headset. If anyone is looking for a new headset, that'd be a great direction to start looking in. The detached mic makes the headphones conventional anywhere. They even look cool enough that you won't have a hard time bragging about them to anyone around you.

I'd love to hear any comments or questions on the Banshee Headset :)

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