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Supplier: CoolIt
Price: $24.99 from CoolItReviewed: Apr 23, 2008

USB Beverage Chiller
Author: faceless105 -- Posted: 2008-04-23
Every now and that I'm able to review some out of the ordinary products and these are some of my favorites to review just because you don't get a chance to see these every day. Today I'll be reviewing the CoolIT USB Beverage Chiller aimed towards gamers, to keep them fueled.

This is actually a pretty cool little device. Right out of the box the cooler has a good strong feel to it. There isn't a lot to what makes it, so it can probably take a beating and last for a long time. The cooler is composed of a peltier, heat-sink, small ventilation fan, and it all enclosed in a plastic casing.

The USB Beverage Chiller runs off USB to power itself, so you can use it just about anywhere. The box advertised that the cooler keeps a temperature of 45 degrees Fahrenheit. I'll be honest, I was a bit skeptical. I've seen a lot of products not measuring up to what they advertise, so I wanted to put it to the test.

As soon as I plugged it in you can feel it cooling down. I waited about a minute then used my infrared temperature gun and it read 45 degrees. Next was the beverage test. It's not made to cool your drinks and this is due to the fact that it will only have surface contact on the bottom of your beverage (which hardly covers most beverages). The cooler does seem to keep drinks cooler for a fair time longer. Now the effects of this are strongly dependant on the room temperature, size of drink, and bottom surface of your container, but there was a noticeable effect.

The cooler is aimed towards gamers so naturally we wanted a couple of shots of it in action with some Bawls...

We also know that our beverages are pretty well rounded so we wanted to assure everyone that if they go to Taco Bell, they can rest assured, this too will fit, lol.

The USB Beverage Chiller, like I said, is very sturdy. It's designed to be water tight incase of extreme condensation or spills. What I really like about this one is that it's something that anyone can use. Whether you're at work in your cubicle, or up late gaming, this is a pretty convenient product.

I'd like to thank CoolIt for giving me the opportunity to review their USB Beverage Chiller. This is a pretty cool device and priced right to make a really cool gift for anyone. I'd recommend this for just about anyone; after all, I think it'll be hard finding someone who doesn't enjoy a cool beverage :)
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