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Supplier: Logitech
Price: Newegg: $58.99Reviewed: Mar 16, 2008

Logitech G11 Gaming Keyboard
Author: BCModder -- Posted: 2008-03-16
Alright so I have a Logitech G11 gaming keyboard here, I was quite excited upon receiving the e-mail from Logitech asking me if I would like to review the G11. I finally got it on Tuesday and I gotta say the my first thought when I opened it up the box was holy crap that's one big keyboard, anyway after using it for a week I'm really impressed by it.

The G11 has 18 programmable keys to make gaming and other tasks you might do on windows somewhat easier. Along with the 18 programmable keys there are 3 mode keys that allow you to store 3 key profiles for the 18 keys, say you have key sets you use more frequently than others you would set those to the 3 mode keys. There's also a key labeled "MR" that allows you to quick record key strokes for macros to save time, the final feature to note about the programmable keys is that it doesn't just limit you to the 3 mode keys, you can actually create as many key profiles as you like.

Final things for me to cover would be the cool back lit keys, they are blue back lit with 2 different brightness settings, it's not something that I would consider overly important about the keyboard however if you are a night owl like me or just a gamer who likes to game in the dark it can be a handy feature. It also as most of the keyboards now has a set of media keys for controlling your windows medial player's playback/volume etc. again nothing hugely important although very handy none the less for alleviating the requirement to change windows if your in the middle of doing something be it gaming or browsing etc.

Well that about wraps things up, the only down points I can see for the G11 would be the key spacing/area and the USB port. The key spacing/area as I find with basically all of the new keyboard is a little on the narrow side and I always find myself tripping over my fingers, but again all new keyboards I find that a problem with. As for the USB ports they are USB v1.1 rather then v2.0, however since any computer that anyone would be using the G11 with will more then likely have plenty of USB ports this to me isn't something that would be a big deal, they will still be useful for any other devices that don't require the speed of the USB 2.0 bus.

All that said I would give the G11 a 10.

*sorry about the crappy image quality I really need a new camera*


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