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Supplier: Revoltec
Price: 13$Reviewed: Jan 18, 2008

Cold Light Cathode Twin set-30cm
Author: Slider388 -- Posted: 2008-01-18
I will be reviewing the Revoltec's Cold Light Cathode Twinset-Red today. It is a basic kit of two 30cm red CCL's with an inverter, basic cable managment set, and a small switch for turning it all on and off.

Here's a first look at the box:

As you can see, it comes in a small, transparent plastic box, with a sticker on one end showing basic information about the lights and its manufacturer.

Once opened, you can see all the wiring, the two CCL's, the inverter, and the switch mounted on a PCI bracket.

A basic cable managment kit includes 4 zip wires and 4 small pads with a sticky side and a side for running cables through. It is definatly not very useful, but it is nice for them to think of the wire clutter.

The switch is mounted on a PCI bracket, which can be useful, however the enthusiast or modder may not have space for putting the switch on the back of the case and using up one of the precious PCI slots. It would have been better just to have a simple switch as Sharkoon and serveral other companies have.

The actual wires are ratehr cluttering, however they have a small splitter as not to use up a molex, and two small extra cables that can be easily inserted into the PCI switch as seen below.

The CCL\'s themselves are 31.1cm long with the end pieces, and they are approximatly 1cm in diameter. They are bright red/orange when not turned on.

When turned on, the lights are rather pinkish instead of red, which is a dissapointment, however it can easily be fixed with some transparent red foil to deepen the color. The lights are still very bright though, and they definatly will light up your case if not your whole room.

The lights are a good, cheap, quick solution for lighting up your case, however you'll want to watch out for the CCL invertes since they have a tendency to explode/melt/overheat/catch fire. The kit is well thought up, however there are a few minor problems.

Very bright
Cable managment kit

Pinkish, not real red
Switch is on pci bracket

Thus, this product gets an 8/10.
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