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Supplier: A. C. Ryan
Price: unknownReviewed: Dec 3, 2007

BlackMagic2 UV Paint
Author: faceless105 -- Posted: 2007-12-03
One very cool product that I've seen in the past is modders paint. This comes in different shapes and forms for various purposes. Today I'll be taking some time to show you some of the BlackMagic2 UV paint from A.C. Ryan.

Taking this paint out of the box I'll have to admit woke up the modder in me. Haha I've seen lots of mods in the past that have really brought their case to life with this stuff. Now of course this doesn't go with every themed mod out there, but for your normal case and most already modded cases, this stuff will look great.

Now I was thinking on an effective way to review this paint and I figured the best way to do this would be by walking you through using it a bit.

I tried a couple different approaches on painting. The first one I tried was just using a little kids paint brush with a fairly small brush size. Now I'm no painter at all so maybe there are some special techniques for what I'm doing, but I found this would put it on so thin that you\'d need to do many coats for it to be solid looking.

* after a couple coatings

This is where I came up with my next idea and that was one of those painting sponges. This I found to work much much better. The sponge soaks up some of the paint that will apply it much more evenly. Even still a second coat would probably be needed to get a really full look.

This is where I had my final idea. I figured if I could dip the edge of an expansion card in the pain and lift it up, it'd fill the end very nicely and evenly. This last idea worked the best. The only problem with this approach is that it\'s the most wasteful. To be effective you'll need to put a fairly thick line of paint on a surface that wont soak it all up. I imagine if you have anything that has a right angle in it that you can throw away, that would be an ideal object to use. But this method worked by creating the line then pressing the end of the expansion card into it. When you lift your card it'll pull some paint with it giving it a good solid coating.

Now as you should be able to see from all the pictures is that this paint is incredibly UV reactive. In most the pictures I notice that it even shines with a UV look to it so that alone should speak for how effect it is. Now if you place the paint and devices under a black light you can see how well the shine. This is one thing that I've always though looked great, seeing the edges of you cards lit up.

I wish I could tell you guys that I'm a real artist when no one's around, but from the pics above you could probably tell that just doing the edges, I wasn't able to do the cleanest job around. So I set out to find some shots of someone who has really gone all out with this stuff. That's when I happened upon the "Uv Smack01 Case" and I have to say that it looks great. He really captures everything this paint has to offer.

I'd like to thank A. C. Ryan for giving me the opportunity to review their line of BlackMagic2 UV Paint. With supplies like these I really hope that I'm able to encourage some cool new mods. I love to see mods take place that utilize everything available to them, and this is one area that I don't see often enough. So I want to recommend this all the modders out there. With a standard window and lights, this stuff will really bring your case to life.
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