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Price: 0Reviewed: Oct 15, 2006

C2D E6600, Asus P5W DH
Author: the.edge -- Posted: 2006-10-15
recently got one of those items, and to say the VERY satisfied with them

i got them both on a sale at
the processor was 389.99, and the motherboard was 265.99, prices are in canadian dollars

first off, the processor;

so far, it's been a great little processor, runs like a charm, no issues so far either, and the greatest part is, it runs VERY cool.

the stock speed is 2.4ghz, and with my big typhoon cooler (i never used the stock one) it ran at about 25c idle, 30 load.

right now i have it overclocked to 2.7ghz, and its only 2c hotter, and i have yet to push the limits of this proc.

its not new news, but i'll say it again, INTEL IS BACK

and now onto the asus board. this board is geared more towards people who are building home theater systems than to overclocks, but it works either way. some of the great features this board has include;

fanless cooling - but there is an included fan if you use passive or water cooling, because the NB cooler is cooled by the air moved by the CPU cooler.

a handy remote - this can be used to turn off your computer in just two button clicks (one, then another to accidental shutoffs :D )it can also turn it to standby mode. another button automatically turns down all your fans for a quieter operation, which i was surprised it worked as well as it does. it can also launch a variety of applications (as well as user-defined ones) and turn off your computer, but leave the WiFi enabled, if your running a network off the built in adaptor, which brings me to my next point

BUILT IN WIFI! at first, i didnt have high hopes for this either, but alas, it works very well, the antenna is well designed. with magnets on the bottom to hold it to any metal surface.

this board has a very well designed BIOS, and many overclocking options, even for lazy people like me (it doesnt get any slacker when you select the "15%OC" can go up to 30%)

"asus Q-connector" is a handy little thing, its a small block that allows you to plug all your plugs for your power LED, HDD led, reset switch, and power button all into this thing, them you can plug that into the motherboard, without the fuss of getting them all into the right spot

MP3-in. when i first heard about it, i wasnt sure what to think, this allows you to plug a male to male audio cable into any Mp3 player (in my case an ipod) and the other end into a jack located in any spare expansion slot. Then, assuming your speakers are connected, it will play through your computer speakers. Regardless of wiether the computer is on or off! The quality is very different when the computer is on/off, its MUCH better when its off.

this board is not without its problems of course, i've had many lockups loading windows, but they're almost all because of choosing a wrong option in the BIOS (such as disabling the HD audio driver)

The board comes with enough cables, SATA adaptors, SATA cables, IDE cables, extra USB plugs, and a firewire port.
If you have any more questions, feel free to ask them.

i will leave you with this SuperPi score..
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