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Flattened Tube -- By ThePope

ok so i got to thinking about like astronomical equipment and things on a spaceship and what not and this is where my mind just went.
i had to halt this project for the winter because working with these materials is just a pain in the butt in the cold. period.

i started with a very large $30 10 foot length of pvc pipe from lowes. i think its for sewer drain. i then proceded to run it across my table saw. beware, because of the tension created by the circle, the tube tends to bind ALOT as you cut it. i ended up wedging wood into the tube to keep it from binding as i cut, but it took me ruing a good 4 feet to figure it out.
next i have plexiglass for the front back, and three interior shelves.
the lowest shelf, or bottom, holds the psu. the fron plate holds the cd drive and the control panel
the control is sort of custom. its a lian li usb/switch box, but i rewired some of it to suit my needs.
the mid level shelf is the mobo tray... there will be no shared air between layers. i will be venting each layer independently . i found these GREAT round 120mm fans from thermaltake, which literally fit directly into each corner of the front and rear. next i chose all chrome for the front. something about chrome on an all white build, again theme is space computer... and i have some crystal clear blue led strips for in there, but i might spring for cold cathode if the case gets sold who knows.
the goal for this is NOT gaming.. i will not have the room for big vid cards and dont want them. i want a mobo with say onboard dvi or hdmi, and onboard sound. i honestly dont ever want to have to consider plugging anything into a pci slot.
ive found a lot of little rubber grommets and what not so im going to attempt to make this my first super silent build, just need to figure out what to make the mobo tray slide out on.

ATTN> CSR :can you fabricate the front and rear faceplates for this with your cnc router? i could easily give you parameters in sketchup.

this project is not a rush. its may turn out to be one of the most gorgeous things ive ever made and im not trying to rush it. just finding the right bonding epoxy took about a year. (pvc to acrylic with the right bonding time and strength)
ill keep you posted with this SLOW build
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