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Energy Core Custom Rig -- By ThePope

This is a project i have been working on for about two years, now that i am about to start welding ill be able to make the skeleton frame and the tabs necessary to hold the plex and ill be able to start marking where i want the components to actually mount. there will be some revolutionary concepts that even if slightly modified in the future to suit your needs have never been done as far as i know.that is what i will describe for now, and the rest i will post as it becomes relevant. please do not hesitate to pm any questions to me about this project.
the frame (being the legs that everything mounts to) will be steel.
im going to fabricate a custom removable mobo tray, and without fear of being sued for copyright i will probably closely mimic that of whats in the khaos case by NZXT. i wont infringe, just learn from.
for the hinges on the door / window, i have a hinge from a piano box. absoolutly gorgeous, and not for your eyes until installed =]
the pci slot release will most definitly be purchased from lian li, the one that is used in the armorsuit (
stay tuned this summer, as i construct the frame and walls i will put up diy posts here and on youtube =].

all of these pictures were captured using googles sketchup, a FREE program available on the net.
this is the side with a hinged door, that actually mounts the 5.25 drive bays. im going to double pane this window, and it will eventually serve as a reservoir for the water cooing system, but that wont happen for a while. the top will hold two 120 mm fans, where there will also eventually be a radiator. the way the sides are designed is to encase the sides of the rad, but not the top or front, so that it can be accessible and serviced, and so heat can aspirate without letting dust in.the rear of the case pretty self explanatory. im still debating whether or not i will incorporate steel or plexiglass for this wall, im thinking it might be worth it to use steel.
i deliberatley put the psu up top, because i am going to isolate it with steel and port the compartment. basically if this was a small room in a house it would be the bedroom for the hot stuff. keeping it all up top so nothing elses creating heat will be infecting the case, aside from the gpu and cpu, which i have separate plans for.
notice the front. this is the whole concept that got me started, here a few years back and the research to make it happen has never ceased. the fron will hold a touchscreen, the likes of that you see in a double din car application, maybe even an alpine double din.
immediatly behind that will be another wall, housing a 250mm fan. ivebought these, they work great in a side window, but past that there is nothing you can do with them, until now. im goint to do some custom chroming on the edges, and i want the bottom of the interior to be diamond plate. ($$) but hell its only going to be 300 square inches or so shouldnt be that bad)
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