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The Full Box -- By ThePope

over budgeted evga gamer
waiting for mods... however its badass. been divided into two phases because my friend is a college student and he had to go back to class. phase two eta april 2011

Phase 1

Case: Enermax Uber Chakra
CPU: Core I7 1156
VID: EVGA gts 250
PSU: Corsair 850 sli
HDD: 10k rpm WD Velociraptor 500g

Phase 2:

Cooler Master v6 cpu cooler, re-fanned and re-wired
ArticCool thermal paste
sli gts 250's
gts 250 twin fan aluminum body cooler (x2)
ecp v.2 custom aluminum faceplate modded into custom nzxt bunker
top panel custom 3x120mm fan installation
3x120mm fans / kickboxes aluminum grill
vantec removable front hot swap hard drive bay
set up raid with dual 500g 7200 rpm wd hdd

the most sexy mod will be the top panel where i put the fans and how i mount them and wire them. youll drool i promise. its a great build with an almost limitless budget. Stay Tuned!
display shown in 1600x900 (x2) capable of 1600x900(x4)all uploads of build should have this pic. this is your pc's os operating properties. why brag if you cant flex =]notice the evga ecp v2 is just hanging out of a 3.5 drive bay. this was temp to use it and test its functionality. its is a superb chip. stay tuned for mounting via a nzxt bunker.

the scariest part of this build is there will be NO empty slots for upgrading left. i will eventually tie it into a nas and move most of the optical and other parts to a separate pc case like a nzxt rogue which can sit upon the desktop.
the 250mm fan on the side wall is fantastic it can be set to in out or off, or you can run it and just turn off the l.e.d.'s... sounds stupid but its a huge perk.
i have more close up pics of everything installed but this was a good enough shot for now. vid card barely had clearance, cant wait to stick a v6 in there that i make, i like the cooler master stock runner, but i can do better with other fans and my wiring. stay tuned.
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