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Cold Black -- By Astroreeper

Motherboard: GigabyteGA-X48-DS5, Intel Core 2 Multi-Core LGA775
CPU Speed and Chipset: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9650 3Ghz Standard, 4.2Ghz O.C. FSB 1333Mhz, 12Mb L2 cache. / X48 n.b./ ICH9R s.b.
Heatsink Style: Triple heatpipe, EK Super High Flow Plexi Waterblock.
Power Supply: Jeantech Absolute, Modular 1000w, 72 pin.(Moduals) 32 pin m.b.
Hard Drive: Hitachi 750Gb 7200rpm
Graphics: Nvidia Inno 3D, 1Gb 9800 GT
Sound Card: Soundblaster Fatal1ty Xfi Platinum.
Scalable Link Interface: No
Crossfire: No
Memory: 8Gb @ 4Gb Corsair Dominator, 1200 Mhz + 4Gb PNY 1200 Mhz all DDR2 Balanced with Iolo System Mechanic Pro Ram defragmenter.

CD/DVD Drives: LG Super Dual Layer Multi 22x DVD RW

Water Cooled: Yes
Case Style: Aluminum
USB/Firewire Ports: 9x USB 2.0, 2x IEEE1394
Custom Modifications: WATERCOOLING: EK Super High Flow Plexi CPU Waterblock, X5PC Dual Reservoir, Lai-DDC-1PlusT Ultra Laing 18w pump, Thermochill 360 Triple Radiator, 3x Yate Loon 120mm Fans, FANS: Koolance 220mm Blue Side fan, Akasa 120mm Blue Front Intake and HDD Fan, Akasa 120mm Blue Lower Rear Intake, Silenx Ixtrema 92mm Red Upper Rear Exhaust, Silenx Ixtrema 92 mm Red Top Exhaust, Zalman VF900-Cu VGA. MONITORS: NZXT Sentry2 5x fan, 5x Temp, Aquacomputer Aquaero 4.0 Monitor with 6x temp 2x pump 4x fan.

Lighting: Fan Lighting, Lower 3/4 Light Blue, Upper 1/4 Red. 2 10" cathode
Other Modifications:
Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate.
External Storage:
Legacy Floppy Drive:
3DMark/PCmark Scores: To follow, under construction.
Custom Built: Yes
Place of Purchase: Various.
Mouse/Keyboard Style: Logitech Cordless Wave Keyboard, Logitech 848nm Laser Mouse.
Audio: Logitech X530 5.1
Monitor: Hanns G 28" Full HD
Budget: Stopped worrying long ago.

Future Addons: 2x Saphire 4870 2Gb DDR5 VapourX Graphics cards crossfirex.(ordered and on the way, YAY!) 2 more 28" Hanns G Monitors.

Overclocks: CPU, from 3Ghz-4.2Ghz.
Temperatures: Idle 17C @ Standard 3Ghz. 22c @4.2Ghz O.C. Load test to follow.
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